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SZABO PREVENT – Fault Management & Maintenance Tool

In complex automated systems there are a myriad of potential failure and routine maintenance points. The cost of maintaining such systems can be substantial in terms of:

  • Skilled people operating out of hours
  • Stoppage time to repair failed sub-systems
  • Replacement of wear items – especially where other cost factors dictate premature replacement to prevent disruptive failures or to conform to planned maintenance schedules.

In many systems, preventative maintenance is based on a planned schedule (planned preventative maintenance). Whilst this can be an effective mechanism in some instances, in complex systems there is increasing evidence to support a move to condition based maintenance. Sensors and detectors are used to monitor systems and sub-systems to trigger a maintenance event based on a pre-alarm initiated by measurable deterioration in particular parameters (operating current, vibration, wear, lubricant or coolant levels etc).

Szabo-Prevent combines a number of functions to deliver a comprehensive fault prevention, fault management and maintenance management tool. If your organisation relies on continuity of complex systems and automated processes, Szabo-Prevent will ensure that:

  • Disruption is minimised
  • Maintenance and repair times are optimised
  • Maintenance costs are reduced
Szabo-Prevent Software
Szabo Prevent - Automotive Software

SZABO PREVENT – Functions Tool

Szabo Software - Functions Tool
Szabo Prevent Software - Alarm Supervision

Alarm Supervision – The system collates alarm inputs and managing alarm status. This function comprises an Alarm Viewer to enable alarms to be monitored, acknowledged and cleared and an Alarm Database to record system history and alarm metrics.

Maintenance Scheduler – The system enables maintenance based on time scheduling or on real-time inputs from sensors. Inputs include (but are not limited to):

  • Condition sensors – to enable a system element to be removed from service in a way which does not disrupt the system got maintenance – for example:
    • Wearing part dimension sensors
    • Inputs from motor controls or vibration sensors fitted to shafts
    • Environmental sensors
    • Current and voltage measurements
  • Reporting and audit logging
  • Staff utilisation metric and response time reporting including correlation of staff identity tag locations with specific activities

SZABO PREVENT – Applications Tool

The software has been designed to support a wide variety of applications. Typical implementations include:

  • Factory processes
  • Warehouse automation systems
  • Hospital/ operating theatre environmental control systems
  • Food processing plants
  • Brewery and bottling plants
  • Amusement parks
  • Waste processing sites
Szabo Software - Applications
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