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The Client

Eni has been present in Pakistan since 2000. Eni’s main activities are located onshore covering a total of 38,426 square kilometers (21,155 net to Eni). The majority of production in Pakistan is gas.

The Challenge

Enii required a system to track personnel throughout a large facility and to collate location information in the event of an emergency. The facility had a number of muster stations and the Emergency Services require accurate personnel location information in order to:

Best manage the deployment of rescue personnel.

Limit the exposure to danger of rescue personnel.

The Solution

The Szabo implementation included a database and administration application which collates location information from RFID personnel tags through readers strategically located throughout the installation. Comprehensive administration functionality ensures that the system is easy to maintain in terms of tag allocation and personnel identification.

The reporting functions make succinct reports available in the event of an emergency so that people safely inside Muster Stations can be excluded from rescue operations.

The Benefits

Personnel safety improved

Rescue protocols significantly enhanced

Protection of rescue personnel by provision of accurate location reporting

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