Walkers Snack Foods
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Walkers Snack Foods

The Client

Walkers is the UK’s favourite crisps brand. Founded in 1948, butcher Henry Walker began making crisps in his Leicester Plant to keep his workers busy, as meat was scarce in post-war Britain.

Today, Walkers is Britain’s largest crisp manufacturer, employing thousands of people in seven locations. Walkers has 16 ranges of crisps and snacks including Walkers Sensations, Doritos and Quavers.

Still based in Leicester, Walkers joined the PepsiCo family in 1989 and makes around 10 million bags of crisps a day.

The Challenge

High speed manufacturing and other processes are difficult to maintain in safety without shutting systems down completely. Walkers Snackfoods required a control system to manage access permissions into a dangerous zone including switching the system into a safe mode before allowing access.

The Solution

Szabo “Safe Access” system controls the permission and access to an industrial installation or a dangerous Zone. The system switches the installation into a safe mode before it grants the maintenance engineers access.

Personnel identification / entry request for all employees and visitors.

The Benefits

Reduced disruption

Personnel safety improved

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